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Jay Block New Mexico


Jay began his service right out of high school by enlisting in the USAF in 1989. He served for well over 20 years as a nuclear weapons officer, where he had the honor of being trusted with the country's nuclear codes. Jay also volunteered for a combat tour in Afghanistan, commanded twice on foreign soil representing our country, and retired from military service in 2016 as a Lt Col.


After retirement, Jay entered the private sector as a nuclear consultant and business developer. He decided to continue to serve his community after his military service by running for office. Jay was the first Republican to win his district's seat on the Sandoval County Commission in history. He was reelected in 2020.

On the Commission, Jay focused on economic development, illegal dumping, ethics, passed a 2nd Amendment sanctuary county resolution, passed a Right to Work ordinance, and focused on public safety. He is the first commissioner in the history of the county to receive union endorsements from both the Firefighters and Sheriff's Deputies.

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